The Art of Soul Winning-Workshop

This book is designed to equip Ministers, Pastors, Ministry Leaders, and Christians of all ages with effective strategies that are conducive to saving lost souls in the age of technology and social media.

The Art of Soul Winning workshop offers a strategic evangelism approach designed to produce Christian converts in the age of social media and technology. The Workshop provides soul-winners with easy-to-use, practical systematic techniques found in the book, The Art of Soul Winning by Evangelist, Bryan C. Jones.

The Art of Soul Winning workshop can do the following:

  • Invigorate passion in the hearts of disciples to save souls.
  • Inform attendees how to effectively win souls using technology and social media.
  • Increase the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ to win souls.
  • Impact lives locally, nationally, and globally through your soul-winning efforts.
  • Influence your congregants to build a missionary-minded ministry.
  • Inspire participation to strategically and consistently win lost souls.
  • Improve the number of soul-saving activities that lead to numerical growth.

In the weeks following the workshop, upon request, I will provide two additional hours (one hour per week) of training via Zoom for your congregation. This detailed follow-up will include a Q & A to help your evangelism team with their ministry model, implementation of a systematic structure, and encouragement to be consistent.

If you would like The Art of Soul Winning workshop facilitated at your church or venue to educate your ministry participants, please contact the Bryan C. Jones Ministries team at or

Because of Calvary,

Bryan C. Jones,

Author, Evangelist, Communicator, Influencer

Louisville, Kentucky | Derby City

Cell 678-382-7463

 Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins souls.”

The Art of Soul Winning – Workshop Registration

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