Finding My Good Thing – Workshop

God blessed me to write a life-changing dating book for singles of all ages called “Finding My Good Thing” – How God can lead you to your future spouse by dating with a spiritual purpose.  The book is now available and will be a tremendous blessing to every single person in your congregation who aspires to be married or for those who have recently become married. It will also be a great resource for parents to give this value information to their teenagers, college students, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and adult children who need guidance or have struggled with dating relationships, and just need help.

My book, “Finding My Good Thing” will do the following:

  • Energize singles to date with a purpose.
  • Encourage singles to seek healthy dating relationships.
  • Engage singles into evaluating past dating relationships for their personal development.
  • Empower singles to live Christ-centered lives and to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ.
  • Educate singles with valuable relationship insight, dating do’s & don’ts and practical wisdom.
  • Enhance singles knowledge of the biblical principles needed to obtain a spiritual mate and to maintain a healthy marriage.

Here’s how I can help: In the “Finding My Good Thing” workshop I teach the practical applications from the book that dating participants need, and I conduct a REAL TALK Q & A session so that questions could be asked to help the participants. As you know, single adults of all ages could have an enormous impact on the growth, future and vibrancy of our congregations and future. In 2017 the US Census reported that there are 110.6 million single people over the age of 18 in America, which accounts for 45.2% of the entire US population. We desperately need to connect our single people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, pointing them towards a healthy, biblical relationship path which promotes Godly marriages.

Finding My Good Thing – Workshop Registration

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